Welcome to the

Global Virtual Staffroom

Welcome to the Virtual Staffroom. We are so excited to be alive and we are so looking forward to running our first

Global Virtual Staffroom.

The Global Virtual Staffroom grew out of the Virtual Staffroom. Initiated by the C-Learning team as their response to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted to support schools as they delivered their distance learning curriculum and felt that an open forum for anyone to attend would be a great offering for all educators. The Google Hangouts Meet was open to anyone and in its brief history, it has covered a range of diverse topics from Equatio, Soundtrap and Classroom-ToolBox to student agency and video conferencing protocols.

As a member of the Google Innovator and Trainer community, I am always looking for ways to draw on this vast pool of knowledge and so I hit upon the idea of a Virtual Staffroom wrapped around the world, travelling through all times zones and peppered with lots of innovative educators and demonstrations and talks on things to make educators life easier. And so the Global Virtual Staffroom was born.

The original Daily Staffroom is not running today

The Virtual Staffroom conitues. if you would like to join the Virtual Staffroom it runs from Midday for an hour. You can join the Google Hangouts Meet by following this link: