As part of this 24 hour event, all the moderators wil offer insights into the apps they use to enhance the experience of their learners. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect. All times are British Summer Time (UTC+01:00) and you can use the time-zone convertor (at the bottom of this page) to work out what time they are happening for you.

What is happening?

Sandy Bansal - Forms & Responses

BST (UTC+01:00)

Creating simple forms, giving different sections depending on their answers. Changing backgrounds. Turning a form into a quiz!


Paul M. Farrell - Soundtrap

Soundtrap - your everywhere studio

A web-based music studio that gives your learners all the tools they need ot make music anywhere and on any device. Equally effective as a podcasting tool. want to know more - come along and find out.


Kev Bradshaw - Create a website

Create a website

Using Google Sites to create a resourceful website with video, docs, and images and other assets.


Kelenda Allen-James Google Keep

Google Keep Keeps me on Track

Using Google Keep to:

  • save research links

  • Set reminders

  • For collabration


Daren White - Make your Own Escape Rooms

Make your Own Escape Rooms online

Using Google Sites, Drawings and Forms to create your own Escape Room challenge


Mario Esmeral - a cellphone as a digital board

Use your cellphone as a digital board

Using the Jamboard app and Google Meet you can teach an online class same as using a digital board


Alvina Green GMT +07:00

Welcome To My Jam Session with Jamboard

Using G-Suite App Jamboard, a cloudbased whiteboard, for collaboration, teaching and planning.


Alvina Green GMT +07:00

Alternative Assessments for Alternative Times

Use G-Suite Apps to give students voice and choice to demonstrate their learning.


Gavin Hanel GMT + 01:00

Reduce workload, automate your school

How addons and learning Google Apps Script can save you time and even do tasks automatically for you


Peter Horner GMT + 01:00

Getting the most out of your Chromebook

Chromebooks are easy to use but dig deeper to discover a wide range of powerful features. We'll look at keyboard shortcuts, accessibility settings, virtual desktops and apps.


Andrew Corney GMT +11:00

Using Google Meet for remote teaching

Tips on how to set up your home workspace for video conferencing, integrate Google Meet with Classroom and basic Meet features. Will cover some intermediate skills like Meet Extenstions and Live streaming.


Peter Horner GMT + 01:00

Make your website more dynamic using the Embed Code option in Google Sites

Learn how to embed a blog, insert a table, or even add a virtual tour to your Google Site by using the embed code option.


Gavin Hanel GMT + 01:00

Exploring Datastudio

Learn how Google Datastudio can be used to present data in visually appealing and interactive ways


Wendy Peskett - Self-marking Google Forms

Google Forms for self marking quiz and check ins.

Forms have many uses. learn how to use it 2 ways for remote learning


Kate Gomez - Google Meet

Extend Your Video Conferencing with Google Meet

We'll review a handful of extensions that make Google Meet more effecient (until the updates roll out!), including attendance trackers and hand raisers!


Daniel Manley - Quizzes and Beyond

Feedback for Quizzes and Beyond

How to automate feedback for your students in Forms Quizzes, praise for correct results, and advice & guidance for where they went wrong. We will also gently delve into other use cases.


Rita Zeinstejer - Jing

Jing: record videos or images from their desktop. What now?

JIng used to be a veru useful image and video recorder. What to do now with the imminent discontinuation of Adobe's support for and development of Adobe Flash?


Ben Moore - Classroom Settings

Google Classroom - Personalising your Classroom & Settings

How to personalise your classroom by creating your own


Brogan Pratt - Optimal Classroom Setup

Optimal Google Classroom Setup in Virtual school

Best practices for setting up, laying out, and disseminating information in a Google classroom during Virtual School


Georgina Dean - Meet Live Stream

Simplifying Synchronus Collaboration with Meet Live Stream

How to collaborate with students synchronously during a Google Meet Live Stream, and make LIVE recordings available asynchronously through the Google Classroom activity.